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Liinzi has proven time and time again to clients just why she is highly recommended and sought after. Some of the comments received by Liinzi from clients after treatment have included:

'Liinzi has the best aesthetic sense of any practitioner I have ever met'

For a "Non Corporate" look at research on different dermal fillers including
a large section on Aquamid, and also a personal recommendation for Liinzi click here.

Testermonial from International Patient  that flies to London specifically to be treated by Liinzi and then flies back again!

"Dear Liinzi,

It is so thoughtful of you to see how I am doing. I am pleased with the Aquamid but I am not retaining the temporary filler used on the lower jaw and chin. I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon regarding removal of the Gortex implants in the (smile lines). Once that is done, I will get back with you and make an appointment to have that area done with Aquamid and a few touch ups on the cheekbone and temporal areas. I think your work is fantastic and I am thankful that I found you. You and James are so low key and your office setup so unpretentious that I would have no qualms about flying out myself and going back to the U.S. the next day.

Look forward to seeing you again,


Name: ZiZi
Subject: Aquamid

Having researched the pros & cons of Aquamid for 2 years, including frightening myself to death reading all the horror stories, I met with a number of practitioners who claimed to be competant in the use of Aquamid. However, they failed to answer even the most basic of my questions & generally, they seemed to know little about the product, so despite feeling quite desperate for help, I walked away.

Then I met Liinzi. She knows absolutely everything! Immediately, all my fears disappeared. I knew I could trust her & she has exceeded all my expectations.
Liinzi will not rush the procedure. She limits the number of injections of Aquamid per session, to ensure the product settles & she insists on leaving a 2 to 3 months between injections to allow the body to accept the product gradually. She also checks your medical history, thoroughly, including any impending dental treatment. She takes no risks!

And the results with Aquamid? Amazing! Soft, natural & for me, there was no downtime at all. No adverse reaction & no side-effects.
Having lost almost all of my body fat due to misdiagnosed hypothyroidism in 2008, my face was embarrassingly thin & I looked ill. However, after just 2 treatments, I look well again & it's all thanks to the amazing artistry & skill of Liinzi. I am indebted to her for giving me back the healthy, glowing face I had 2 years ago!

"YOU  HAVE  THE HANDS OF AN ANGEL"  please do not ever retire!!"
A. M.

Thanku my fairy godmother, I feel like f###ing cinderella.Uave made my face look amazing, thx 4 the amazing eye cream.
love u.xx


YOU ARE TRULY GIFTED!!. I HAVE BEEN AROUND THE WORLD  AND BACK, and was scarred you wont be here any more."

"Great, TO SEE YOU ARE STILL WITH US. You are blessed and  truly GIFTED.
C.C . Please stay!!"

"Hi Liinzi, I just wanted to say thanks so much for my Aquamid treatments on Saturday. You made the whole procedure very relaxed and comfortable. my lips have been fine since.
Thanks very much - B"

"Being treated at the Liinzijames Clinic is like nowhere else I've been to. Liinzi is exceedingly patient, courteous and friendly and open to her patient's suggestions. Her touch is expert and I've experienced at her hands the minimum of pain. I never felt I was being rollercoasted into a treatment I did not want and I was given all the time I needed to ask questions and to hesitate...
Highly recommended! - M "

"In my view Liinzi is the most skilled aesthetic practitioner, she also cares about her patients. Liinzi is a genuine, warm lady who helped to rectify a very poor result following treatment at another clinic. All the treatments I have had with Liinzi have been exceptional. I happily travel a few hundred miles to see her. Liinzi has an eye for perfection, with the knowledge and experience to carry out her treatments to the highest standard. She is a true professional.

I look forward to seeing you soon, Mrs L"

"Hello from Los Angeles, hopefully you still remember me. Hope you, and your family are doing great. I was just wondering if you would be coming to the states anytime soon. Because if you would I would fly out and meet you for another Aquamid treatment. I love my results, you are an artist.

Have a beautiful day...x

Mrs T
Los Angeles C.A"

" You are creative, imaginative & so gentleĀ…"
" Your light fingers helped for a calming treatment."
" Your eye for detail is miraculous and you add an artistic side to aesthetic beauty."

"Liinzi has many clients that are prepared to speak to new clients, should they have any doubts or worries about Liinzi's suggested treatment in anyway."

"We feel safe and trust Liinzi 100%"
" You have restored our faith in aesthetic beauty treatment, being treated by you was wonderful"


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