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Products & Treatments


Aquamid - a longer lasting/permanent filler for up to 10 years
- Aquamid is a new and revolutionary cosmetic product to enhance your natural beauty by injecting a specially formulated gel that contains 97.5% water, making it completely compatible to the body and furthers the natural look as it moves with facial expresions. This can be used for all facially aesthetic needs.

     Muscle Relaxing Injections

- Treatment can be used on the neck area, to counteract signs of ageing, eradicate frown lines and for other medical problems

     Hydrafil - a dermal filler, lasting from between 3-6 months

- For deeper lines, and facial aesthetic needs

     Restylane & Perlane Range - dermal fillers, lasting from between 3-9 months

- Restylane is intended for wrinkle correction and lip enhancements. Restylane Fine Lines has been developed for correcting thin, superficial lines, e.g. around the eyes, mouth & the forehead. Perlane is used for shaping facial contours e.g. cheeks and chin, and for increasing lip volume

     Esthelis - dermal filler, lasting up to 1 year

- Esthelis bridges the gap between the shorter term and longer term filler. Esthélis is perfectly adapted for correction of facial depressions, either due to injury or age-related


Axillary Hyperhidrosis - Up to 9 months
- Axillary Hyperhidrosis effectively controls excessive underarm sweating for up to 9 months. Neither test patch nor anaesthetic is required.

     Skin Tech

- Skin Tech is a fast and painless solution when looking to correct skin defects/conditions such as acne, stretch marks and sun damage; requiring no interrupt in your social life


- A treatment that can be carried out to varying degrees depending on the severity of the acne or skin blemishes.

     Semi-Permanent Make-up

- The latest in pigmentation insertion, you can choose the shade of pigment to match your hair, skin and are inserted into the skin area designed to create lasting features such as eyebrows, lip lines and eyeliner or remove stretch marks and scars.

- Semi Permanent makeup by Sandra Bailey

- Eyelash extensions by Sandra Bailey

- Eyebrow threading by Sandra Bailey


- Thread Vein Removal


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Treatments and prices have been revised as of the 14th October 2005. As we aim to provide the best possible treatment, prices have not been included on the website, however please call us for treatment suggestions which will allow us to provide itemised costs
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