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Esthélis, Advanced Technology In The Treatment Of Wrinkles And In The Increase Of Lip And Face Volume

The first characteristic of Esthélis is that it has been designed from biofermentation hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally present in our body. Esthélis is a substance of natural origin which is safe and completely biocompatible and wholly biodegradable with no risk of allergy or other known side effects.

The second characteristic of Esthélis is in its CPM* technology, a unique process which gives Esthélis hylauronic acid unusual elasticity. The gel obtains integrates easily and homogeneously into the dermis. Esthélis therefore guarantees you a considerably better results from the first hours after the injection and over the initial months, in terms of increased volume and wrinkle filling

The third characteristic of Esthélis is the breadth of the range. With 2 different formulations, Basic (for deep furrows or increasing deep skin volume) and Soft (for superficial wrinkles)

In Which Cases Should You Use Esthélis Products?

Thanks to the breadth of its range, Esthélis answer your various and very specific needs:

  • lip augmentation
  • cheek volume
  • face outlines
  • naso-labial furrows
  • glabellar lines
  • perioral wrinkles
  • lip commissures
  • forehead wrinkles

Skin & facial tissue structure

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