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Environ Facial


Environ is a range of skin products with high vitamin concentrates, designed to repair and maintain beautiful, soft and toned skin.


Interactive Range has been designed to work in conjunction or boost the effects with the other products. Products include Make-Up Remover, Cleansers, Moisturisers, Clay Masques and Hand & Nail Creams.

  The Proactive Range uses quantaties of vitamins A, C, E and B5 plus beta-carotene to create a wide range of hand, body and face creams that work with the natural ability of the skin to enhance the beauty process. This range has been developed to be used by all skin types.

  For problem skin Environ has developed the B Active Range, which uses the antiseptic properties of the Australian tea tree oil to control bacteria and inflammation of the skin. The range boasts a pre-cleanser, a cleansing gel, skin toner, moisturiser and lotion to help control and prevent bacterial breakouts.

  The Ionzyme Range is Liguid Gold in a bottle. Designed to help mature, damaged, blemished and scarred skin give a youthful appearance, the range of products are developed specifically for your skin by Environ scientists to ensure that you get the best possible solution for your skin.

  The Alpha Hydroxy Range is non-toxic so softens and smooths skin while assisting the skin's natural exfoliation ability which leads to a finer textured skin. The range includes toners, moisturisers and lotions of varying strengths.

  The Intensive Range is just that, working on specific problem areas, it gives a concentrated boost of vitamins, while including antioxidants, anti-bacterial and non-greasy attributes within the cream and gel. The Hydrating Oil is especially good on dry and delicate skin. This range maintains a healthy, young looking skin enhancing the healthy collagen and elastin, and maximises on the development of the skin's rejuvenation ability.

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